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Relationship amongst different planets placed in a Horoscope is not at same level. Some are friends or great friends, some are enemies or bitter enemies and some are neutral. This relationship can be categorized as under:

  • Natural Friend (Naisargika Mitra);
  • Temporary Friend (Tatkalika Mitra);
  • Natural Enemy (Naisargika Shatru);
  • Temporary Enemy (Tatkalaka Shatru); and
  • Neutrals.

Applicable Rules:

  1. Natural Friends / Enemies and Neutrals:

For any Planet:

  • Lords of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th Houses from the Moolatrikona and Lord of Exaltation of that Planet are Natural Friends;

  • However, if a Planet is owning two Houses and only one House of that Planet is covered by the above Rule, then such Planet is called Neutral. For example, Mercury owns two Houses {Gemini and Virgo}. For Sun, under the above Rule, only Virgo is covered and not the second House (Gemini). Therefore Mercury is treated as Neutral for Sun.

Since Sun and Moon own one House only, they will be friends if covered by above Rule.

  • Lords of other Houses are Natural Enemies.

On the basis of above, the following will be the position for different planets:

  1. For Sun, Mool Trikona is LEO and 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th Houses will be Virgo (Mercury), Scorpio (Mars), Sagittarius (Jupiter), Pieces (Jupiter), Aries (Mars) and Cancer (Moon) and Exaltation is Aries (Mars).

Thus: Jupiter, Mars and Moon will be Natural Friends;
Mercury will be Neutral;
Saturn and Venus will be Natural Enemies.

  1. For Moon, Mool Trikona is Taurus and 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th Houses will be Gemini (Mercury), Leo (Sun), Virgo (Mercury), Sagittarius (Jupiter), Capricorn (Saturn), Aries (Mars) and Exaltation is Taurus (Venus).

Thus: Sun and Mercury will be Natural Friends;
Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn (each own one
House only will be Neutrals; and
There are no Natural Enemies.

Accordingly relationship for each of the Planets can be summarized as under:

Planet Friends Enemies Neutrals

Sun Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury
Jupiter Saturn

Moon Sun, - Mars, Jup,
Mercury Ven, Sat

Mars Sun, Moon Mercury Venus,
Jupiter Saturn

Mercury Sun Moon Mars,
Venus Jupiter,

Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn
Mars Venus

Venus Mercury, Sun, Mars,
Saturn Moon Jupiter

Saturn Mercury, Sun, Jupiter
Venus Moon
  1. Temporary Friends / Enemies:

This relationship is determined, depending on how the planets are placed in a particular Birth Chart. The Rule to decide the temporary friendship is:

In a Birth Chart, for each Planet:

  • Planets placed in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from that Planet become its temporary friends;

  • Planets placed in the remaining Houses (1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th) are considered as temporary enemies.

  1. Panchadha Maitri or Compounded Friendship:

This is simply the combination or summation of the relationships arrived at under the Natural (Naisargika) Friendship Rule and the Temporary (Tatkalika) Friendship Rule.

A natural (naisargika) friend can become a temporary (Tatkalika) enemy. This anomaly is rectified by compounding the friendship/ enmity between two planets by applying following formula:

Temp. Friend + Friend = Great Friend
Temp. Friend + Neutral = Friend
Temp. Friend + Enemy = Neutral
Temp. Enemy + Neutral = Enemy
Temp. Enemy + Enemy = Bitter Enemy
Temp. Enemy + Friend = Neutral

Thus, the Natural friendship, enmity and neutrality is fixed, temporary friendship/enmity will have to be worked out from Birth Chart and hence the Panchadha Maitri Chart.



1. Lagna Lord is the lord of Kendra and Trikona; so he is always benefic.


2. Lords of Trikona are benefic planets in the order of 9th and 5th.

Trikona Houses are special Dhan giving Houses.


3. If benefit planets own the Kendras [1, 4, 7 and 10], they lose their beneficence and become neutrals.

4. If malefic planets own the Kendras, they lose their malefic natural and become neutrals.

This is called KENDRA ADHIPATHI DOSHA. This is applicable more for the Gemini and Virgo (as Mercury will be owning two Kendras; likewise for Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter will be owning two Kendras), so despite being the lords of Kendra and Trikona, these planets for the respective Signs will have to be considered as neutrals or malefic planets.
Progressive strength of the Kendra Lords is: 10, 7, 4 and 1, i.e. 10th Lord is the strongest, then 7th Lord, then 4th and then 1st.


5. Lords owning the 3, 6 and 11 Houses are malefic planets.

Lord of 11th House is most malefic, followed by 6th and 3rd Houses.


6. 7th and 10th Houses are special sukha (happiness) giving Houses.


7. These Lords are considered to be neutrals; however, they behave according to their placement and associated planets.
The progressive strength of these Houses is 8, 12 and 2 Houses.


8. Though 8th House Lord is considered to be neutral, as stated above, the position can change. Following Principles apply:

  1. If 8th Lord is also Lord of 3-6-11 Houses, then he becomes a great malefic [example: Jupiter for Taurus);

  1. If 8th Lord is also Trikona Lord, then he may tend to be a benefic (example: Saturn for Gemini).

  1. If Sun and Moon occupy the 8th House, they are generally considered to be free from the 8th House Dosha.

  1. If Lagna Lord is also 8th House Lord, then normally it is free from the Dosha; for Aries and Libra lagnas, 8th Lord also the Lord of Lagna).


9. Rahu and Ketu behave like:

  1. Lord of the Houses they are placed in;
  2. The planets they are placed with or are aspected by.

10. If Rahu and Ketu are placed in Kendra with Trikona Lord they become yoga karakas; likewise if they are placed in Trikona with Trikona Lord then too they become Yoga Karakas.


11. Lords of 2nd and 7th Houses are Marakas; of these 2nd House Lord is the stronger Maraka. However, if the 2nd Lord is benefit, then he 7th Lord becomes the Maraka.

If both the Houses do not qualify for Marakas, then the following order will be followed:

  • Planets placed in 2nd House;
  • Planets in PAC with 2nd House;
  • Planets placed in 7th House;
  • Planets in PAC with 7th House;

If the longevity calculated works beyond the above, then:

  • 12th Lord; planets placed in 12th House or in PAC with 12th House;

  • For Benefic Planets Antardasha of 12th Lord

  • 8th Lord/Planets in 8th/PAC with 8th.

  • If Saturn is involved with other Marakas, he pushes others aside and takes the role of Chief Maraka.

  • Since Rahu is considered similar to Saturn, Rahu too becomes Maraka.


12. Badhak Planets are those that are considered to create hurdles, obstructions or barriers.

  • For Movable Lagnas [1, 4, 7, 10], Lord of 11th House is Badhak;

  • For Fixed Lagnas (2, 5, 8, 11), Lord of 9th House is Badhak; and

  • For Dual Lagnas (3, 6, 9, 12), Lord of 7th House is Badhak.


13. If a planet owns 2nd House and also 11th House, he becomes Dhana Yoga Karaka. For Example:

  • Mercury for Leo Lagna; and
  • Jupiter for Aquarius Lagna.


14. If Kendra Lord and Trikona Lords are connected to each other (by PAC), then they form a Raja Yoga.


15. If one Planet becomes a Trikona Lord as well as Kendra Lord, then he becomes Yoga Karaka.


16. A planet owning one good house and one bad house is treated as neutral.
Sun, Moon with lordship of 12th House are neutrals.
Lagna Lord with lordship of 8th House is neutral
Moon as 4th Lord is neutral.


17. Lords of 3, 6, 8, 11 and 12. In case of 11th House, even Sun and Moon are considered malefic.


18. Lords of Kendras and Trikonas.
Planets who are natural friends with Lagna Lord
Yoga Karakas.


19. 2ND, 7TH House Lords; Jupiter with Double Kendra Adhipati Dosha; and Saturn with bad lordship (Leo).


20. A planet tends to behave more like the Lord of House where his Mool Trikona Rasi falls.

When in doubt see his natural friendship with Lagna Lord.

If a Lagna Lord also owns a bad house, then he becomes somewhat neutral.
  • For Movable Lagnas [1, 4, 7, 10], Lord of 11th House is Badhak;

  • For Fixed Lagnas (2, 5, 8, 11), Lord of 9th House is Badhak; and

  • For Dual Lagnas (3, 6, 9, 12), Lord of 7th House is Badhak.



Benefic: Sun and Jupiter (being Trikona Lords);
Malefic: Mercury, Venus & Saturn (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Neutral: Moon (Benefic Planet having KAD);
Mars also considered Neutral, as he owns a
Bad House (8th House) also.
Yoga Karakas: NIL [as no planet is owning Trikona & Kendra);
Raja Yoga: Though Saturn and Jupiter (as Lords of Kendra
and Trikona) aspect each other, they do not form
Raja Yoga; as Saturn is Malefic
Badhak: Saturn (11th Lord for Movable Sign)
Maraka: Venus (being 2nd Lord as well as 7th Lord).


Benefic: Saturn (being Trikona Lord);
Mercury is not considered fully benefic
(though owns Trikona, because he occupies 2nd
House also)
Malefic: Moon, Venus & Jupiter (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Though Lagna Lord, his Mool Trikona also falls
in the 11th House.
Neutral: Sun (being Kendra Lord, losing malefic nature)
Yoga Karakas: Saturn [owns Trikona & Kendra);
Badhak: Saturn (9th Lord for Fixed Sign)
Maraka: Mars (owning 7th House), Mercury is not
considered Maraka as he owns Trikona also,
though lord of 2nd House.

Benefic: Venus (being Trikona Lord);
Malefic: Sun and Mars (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Jupiter (Benefic owning two Kendras)
Neutral: Saturn (though owns trikona, also owns bad
House – 8th House)
Mercury (though Lagna Lord, owns 2 Kendras)
Yoga Karakas: NIL [as no planet is owning Trikona & Kendra);
Badhak: Jupiter (7th Lord for Dual Sign)
Maraka: Moon (being 2nd Lord).


Benefic: Moon (Lagna Lord)
Mars (Malefic Kendra Lord and Trikona Lord)
Jupiter (being Trikona Lord);
Malefic: Mercury & Venus (being 3-11 Lords);
Neutral: Sun (Natural Friend being 2nd House Lord);
Yoga Karakas: Mars [owns Trikona & Kendra);
Badhak: Venus (11th Lord for Movable Sign)
Maraka: Saturn (being 7th Lord).

5. LEO:

Benefic: Sun (Lagna Lord)
Mars and Jupiter (Trikona Lords)
Malefic: Mercury, Venus & Saturn (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Neutral: Moon (Natural Friend being 12th House Lord);
Yoga Karakas: Mars [owns Trikona & Kendra);
Badhak: Mars (9th Lord for Fixed Sign)
Maraka: Saturn (being 7th Lord).
Raja Yoga: Though Jupiter owns the Trikona (5th House),
It does not make good Raja Yoga, as he is 8 Lord
Dhanayoga Karaka: Mercury (owns 2nd and 11th Houses).


Benefic: Mercury (Lagna Lord)
Venus (Trikona Lord);
Malefic: Mars & Moon (being 3-11 Lords); Mars also 8L
Neutral: Sun (being 12th House Lord);
Though Saturn is Trikona Lord, he is also 6L,
Also not a natural friend; hence Neutral tending
to be native
Yoga Karakas: -
Badhak: Jupiter (7th Lord for Dual Sign)
Maraka: Venus (being 2nd Lord). However, does not kill.


Benefic: Venus (Lagna Lord)
Saturn and Mercury (Trikona Lords)
Malefic: Jupiter & Sun (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Mars (owns 2nd and 7th Houses)
Badhak: Sun (11th Lord for Movable Sign)
Maraka: Mars (being 2nd & 7th Lord); Jupiter (3L & 6L)
Raja Yoga: Moon (10L) and Mercury (9th Lord)


Benefic: Jupiter, Moon (Trikona Lords)
Sun [Malafic Kendra Lord and Natural Friend)
Malefic: Saturn and Mercury (being 3-11 Lords);
Since Saturn has KAD (as 4L) he tends to be
more malefic;
Venus, a natural benefic owns 7th House.
Neutral: Mercury (Though Lagna Lord, is also 6th Lord);
Yoga Karakas: Mars [owns Trikona & Kendra);
Badhak: Moon (9th Lord for Fixed Sign)
Maraka: Venus (being 7th Lord) and other malefics.
Though Jupiter is 2nd Lord, he does not kill.
Raja Yoga: Sun & Moon (being owners of Trikona & Kendra)


Benefic: Jupiter (Lagna Lord)
Mars and Sun (Trikona Lords)
Malefic: Saturn & Venus (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Neutral: Jupiter (having double KAD); Moon (8L)
Badhak: Mercury (7th Lord for Dual Sign)
Maraka: Saturn (being 2nd Lord and also 3rd Lord).
Venus (owns 2 bad Houses – 6th and 11th)
Raja Yoga: Sun and Mercury


Benefic: Saturn (Lagna Lord)
Mercury and Venus (Trikona Lords)
Malefic: Jupiter and Mars (being 3-11 Lords);
Moon (owns 7th House)
Since Mercury is owning Trikona, he is not
considered a Malefic though owning 6th House
Neutral: Sun (though 8th Lord, Sun is immune to 8th Lord
Badhak: Mars (11th Lord for Moveable Sign)
Maraka: Mars(?)
Yoga Karaka: Venus (Owns Kendra and Trikona)


Benefic: Saturn (Lagna Lord)
Venus (Trikona Lord)
Malefic: Mars, Moon and Jupiter (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Neutral: Mercury (Though Mercury is owning Trikona, he
is also owning 8th House.
Badhak: Venus (9th Lord for Fixed Sign)
Maraka: Sun, Jupiter (owns 7th and 2nd Houses resp.)
Yoga Karaka: Venus (Owns Kendra and Trikona)
Dhanayoga Karaka: Jupiter (owns 2nd and 11th Houses).


Benefic: Jupiter (Lagna Lord + Kendra Adhipati)
Though Jupiter has KAD for owning 2 Kendras
He is Lagna Lord and holds 1 Trikona also)
Moon and Mars (Trikona Lords)
Malefic: Venus, Sun and Saturn (being 3-6-11 Lords);
Mercury (since he has 2 KAD)
Neutral: -
Badhak: Mercury (7th Lord for Dual Sign)
Maraka: Mercury (owns 7th House) & Saturn (12th House)
Venus can also be negative as he owns 3rd and
8th House.
Though Mars owns 2nd House, he owns 9th
House (Trikona), so not a maraka.

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