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Chandra-Mangala Yoga

  Chandra-Mangala Yoga

Definition: If Moon and Mars are together (in one sign), then this yoga is present.

Results: One born with this yoga is worldly wise and materially successful. He may earn money through unscrupulous means. He may treat mother or other women badly.

 * * *

This is the horoscope of a very rich man who has earned for himself a lot and is now prospering more through earnings of his sons. 

Note: The lagna has Mars, the lord of lagna itself and the ninth lord, representing father also.

Planets Placements: The eleventh house (house of gains) has such a big concentration of planets. 

Aspects: From the eleventh house these planets aspect the fifth house of the children, who too are successful and prosperous businessmen.

Results: He was born in a rich family of landlords and has invested his money in various ventures which proved very profitable.

Example 2

The natives with Chandra-Mangala yoga may earn through unusual means. If this yoga is in a bad house or rashi then the earning may even be through unlawful and unethical means. Natives maybe harsh on women especially their mother.

 Shri B.V. Raman Ji


If Mars conjoins the Moon, this yoga is formed.
  • Earnings through unscrupulous means, a seller of women,
  • treating mother harshly and doing mischief to her and other relatives
  • Remarks: The results given above are those ascribed by ancient writers.
With due respect to the Ancient masters in the science I have to observe that
Chandra Mangala Yoga acts as a powerful factor in establishing one's financial worth.
The earnings will generally be through such occupations as toddy contract, beer shop, bar, etc.
One has to cater to the baser needs of men,
but when the Moon and Mars are well disposed, the earnings will be through other approved means.
The yoga is said to arise by the association of Mars and the Moon
but I feel that the yoga will also be formed if the Moon and Mars are in mutual aspect.
  • Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpionis.
  • Take the Moon in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn.
  • These are excellent positions.
The combination can be productive of good if it occurs in the 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house."

Shri Behari ji says:

"... disobedient to his mother, liar and of wicked deeds.
Fond of music, brave, victory over enemies and gain through business.
One will be dealer in hammers, plow and other rough instruments, women, spurious drinks and earthen jars.
  • If Mars be significator and Moon is well dignified, makes the native very changeable and bold and enterprising, not easily disconcerted.
  • Generally marries some one much above his own status; one becomes much addicted to women, yet seldom suffers by them.
  • If Moon be ill dignified, the native becomes vulgar, base and mean, changeable and silly, of shallow abilities drunken, poor and dissipated. Wanders.
  • If woman, will become prostitute.
  • Will end his days in abroad or away from house.
  • If Moon be significator, and Mars be dignified, the native is bold, rash and unruly, of no great abilities but will be courageous and enterprising, good warrior, surgeon, chemist or physician. Fond of traveling and exploring foreign countries, fortunate and may die there.
  • If Mars be ill dignified, one will be violent furious, malignant, treacherous, cruel, murderer, robber, rebel or traitor, who seldom lives long.
  • Scar on eye or face. Irritable and angry temperament, events arising out of your past anger with friends, people and family.
  • Conflicts with others and emotional. Do not be arrogant under the grab of self confidence."

    Bhava- 2 = face, eyes, voice, mouth, hair, historical knowledge, financial accumulation
    wealth-via-storage, acquisition of treasuries of values, including knowledge of languages and history.

    Chandra-Mangala yoga in bhava 1, 2, 5, 9, or 11 = indicates financial wealth, productive income, material manifesting circumstances.

    Chandra-Mangala are especially welcome in the rashi group of Mesha-Karkata-Simha-Vrischika-Dhanushya-Meena.

    Wealth generated
    via hoards of food or seeds
    via collections of valuable goods
    via herds of animals
    via knowledge of languages and history
    via speech, song, face.

    "Moneyball" dramatist Brad Pitt * financial wealth via values produced via mouth-face-voice-teeth-hair-eyes. Extraordinary wealth from diversified international sources * dhanusha = Chandra + Mangala + Budha + Surya + Ketu.

    Mr. Pitt keeps company with wealthy, physical-action-oriented mates:"Friends " drama-model Jennifer Aniston has Chandra+Mangala-3 * media production."Mighty Heart" drama-activist Angelina Jolie has Chandra+Mangala-9 * children, world mission.

    In a strong rashi and well supported by drishti, may indicate the lifetime accumulation of tremendous collections of items of measurable cultural value. In the modern age, this is basically cash money.

    However the specific quality of the cherished value-item will depend on the culture - in past times the hoards contained fighting shields and swords, or seeds and ploughs, or ritual statuary stuffed with printed prayers.

    The content of financial wealth treasuries depends a great deal on the period of history in which the incarnation occurs. However, modern exponents of Chandra-Mangala yoga will generally exhibit richest-man-in-the-country levels of financial wealth storage.

    Chandra-Mangala yoga here gives financial benefit here in nearly any rashi.

    Special dignity and added income for wealth via in record-keeping, historic preservation and historical materials, musician, dramatic speech performance, face and hair, storage and banking ..


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