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Astrology predictions of Sanjay Dutt 2018 -2019

Astrology predictions of Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Balraj Dutt is the son of legendary actor, Sunil Dutt
Sanjay Balraj Dutt is the son of the legendary actor, Sunil Dutt. This actor got into the habit of taking drugs at a very young age. His mother passed away even when his first movie Rocky wasn’t released. His personal life, as well as the career, has passed through a series of turn moil.
Astrological predictions of this Bollywood actor in 2018-19
Let’s have a look at the future astrological predictions of this Bollywood actor. Since the Saturn is now in the 6th of the house, the actor had to make quite big efforts to reach the big heights in his career. Although his good time in the career will start from Sep 12, 2018, when the Jupiter will actually be transiting in the Libra. During this time period, he will actually be getting some of the good career opportunities. The actor will get an opportunity to restore the faded image. The actor’s planets are depicting that in the year 2018 and afterward, he will go through few of the difficult situations and that can be in the field of finances.
He might face some minor health issues and also issues in family relationships
Although in 2019, the actor’s health would be in the good condition. He might face some minor health issues and also issues in the family relationships. This might occur due to the movement of Mars and later he will be busy with his work. With the recent movie release Sanju based on his life, people will get to know about the real side of the actor. It will improve his image which has been tarnished a long time back. It will re-establish the prestige of the actor which was lost due to the controversial life.

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